Second Chance – Why I Left

Sometimes, it’s just better to leave, they say. If people hurt you, leave them. If situations make you uncomfortable, avoid them. If something seems too hard, just walk away. Sure, leaving is easy, but if everyone just LEAVES, who’s gonna stand up against all the bullshit (excuse my language) out there???

I apologize to all the optimists out there but one person can’t change this. One person can’t change a system. One person can’t change an ideology. One person can’t change the world. All these things are made by multiple powers. Powers, I say. Not people. And to destroy something, you need an amount of energy that is equal to what was used to make it.

Now, that I’m done with my rambling (it WAS purposeful rambling, mind you), I’ll get to the main topic: Why Did I Leave??????

Well, going over that topic is meh, considering that I am back and will hopefully not be leaving any time soon, unless I have a major breakdown or something of that sort (this is where I started laughing so hard it hurt. I have no idea why. I’m just weird O_o). So yeah…… (*awkward silence*)

Concluding this post, I hope you all have been well. And yes, I AM a shitty blogger. I need to be more consistent with my posts, I need to disappear less often, and when I DO disappear, I need to NOT delete my blog. I’ve got that all covered this time. Pwomise :3





I’m tired…

Tired of not being good enough,

Tired of not being smart enough,

Tired of not being confident enough,

Beautiful enough,

Kind enough,

Nice enough,

Caring enough,

Witty enough,

Loyal enough…

But if I’m none of those things, how do I even exist?

How can you explain my existence without acknowledging the fact that yes,

I AM enough

More than enough.

For you, me, and everyone else.